While we’ll miss the opportunity to meet in person, we hope these interviews provide ample information on the status of our firm, funds, and companies. Thank you for making the time to view our virtual annual meeting.

To view specific content, select the circular blue dot chapter markers in the video player.

Chapter Titles:

  • Welcome & 2020 Azalea Update (0:00)
  • Fund III Portfolio Companies
    • Power Services Group (3:23)
    • Modus eDiscovery (17:20)
  • Fund IV Portfolio Companies
    • Intech Aerospace (34:14)
    • ACL Airshop (43:04)
    • Jones Naturals (53:32)
    • Ark Naturals (1:12:02)
    • Muffin Mam (1:28:55)
  • Fund Valuations, Capital Calls, & Exits (1:38:29)

On September 30th, we will hold an Investor Q&A Conference Call where Portfolio Company CEO’s will be available to answer your pre-submitted questions.

Please submit any questions you have for the Investor Q&A Conference Call to vsorbin@azaleacapital.com before Monday, September 28th.  Our CEO’s will address these questions on the Investor Q&A Conference Call.

Information for the conference call will be distributed separately via email.

Wednesday, September 30th

  1. Fund III Investor Q&A call: 1:30-2:30pm
  2. Fund IV Investor Q&A call: 2:30-3:30pm