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Azalea Consolidates Power Services Companies

Power Services Group, Inc. (PSG), a portfolio company of Azalea Fund III L.P., which is headquartered in Anderson, SC, is pleased to announce the completion of its planned consolidation with Orbital Energy Services, Inc. (OES), headquartered in Gainesville, GA, and Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. (TGM) headquartered in Cape Corral, FL.  The holding company for the combined entity will be known as PSG, providing customers in the Power Generation and Industrial Process Markets a broad spectrum maintenance, repair and overhaul solution for turbines (steam and gas), generators, boilers, or other critical industrial applications.   More specifically, PSG’s service offering includes field services, field machining, parts manufacturing, component/steam path repairs, valve repair and manufacturing, generator inspection and repair, balance of plant maintenance, and specialty code welding, along with the Technical and Project Management of related MRO projects.   Existing industries served include Utilities (Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro-electric, and Wind), Food, Beverage & Drug, Pulp and Paper, and Petro-Chem.

“Our clients seek a customer-focused, flexible, one-stop-shop for engineering and maintenance services. PSG provides the technical competence required to deliver a more cost-efficient and user-friendly solution. We listen to our customers and work in partnership with them to address the many challenges they face in a very demanding operating environment,” according to Jim Miller, Board Chair of PSG and former CEO of Southern Nuclear Operating Company.

PSG presently services customers throughout the entire Western Hemisphere from Alaska, Canada, and the Continental U.S., to the Caribbean and into South America.  PSG has the scale, the experience, the technical capability, the proven track record and the desire to truly partner with our clients to meet the mission critical timelines for all of their maintenance needs.

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