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Ark Naturals provides premium, functional treats and supplements to the pet industry.  Developed in conjunction with leading holistic pet veterinarians, Ark offers natural and fortified products to improve pet health, wellness, and longevity.  From dental and joint, to wellness and salon, Ark keeps pets “Healthy from Tooth to Tail®,” throughout every life stage.


Ark Naturals was founded by Susan and Jay Weiss in 1996.  In November 2017, Azalea partnered with Susan and Jay Weiss as well as proven pet executive, Michael Stoeckle, to reinvigorate the Ark brand.  At the time of Azalea’s growth investment, Ark had an enthusiastic and loyal customer base and a legacy of effective formulations and quality products.  To build upon this foundation, a plan was created to refresh the Ark brand, expand its new product development pipeline, and broaden Ark’s sales and distribution channels.

Value Creation

  • Relocated the business from Naples to Tampa, FL to attract new, dynamic team members
  • Led Ark through a complete rebranding process, including an entire packaging refresh
  • Solidified and expanded co-manufacturing relationships for diversity and cost advantages
  • Initiated an aggressive new product development effort in conjunction with holistic veterinarian consultants and key customer teams
  • Broadened Ark’s sales distribution base to include large pet specialty stores as well as fast growing e-commerce retailers


  • Over 20 new team members joined the Ark team during Azalea’s involvement
  • Launched over 12 new product SKUs per year for four straight years
  • Achieved market share gains in 32 consecutive Nielsen reporting periods
  • Grew revenues 300% over a five-year period
  • Increased operating profit 5x over a five-year period
  • Successful exit of the investment via a competitive sale process yielding significant equity value for all shareholders


During our partnership with Azalea Capital, Ark Naturals grew from a small emerging company to become one of the fastest growing brands in the pet treat marketplace.  Working with Azalea has enabled us to build a dynamic and creative team that is transforming the pet dental and supplement categories.

Michael Stoeckle, CEO

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