Azalea Capital Welcomes Two New Team Members

Azalea Capital is pleased to announce the recent addition of two new team members – Ms. Meredith Pflug and Ms. Ginger Carter. Ms. Pflug, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), joins the firm as Chief Compliance Officer and Controller. She is responsible for financial reporting, risk management, and the oversight of all regulatory compliance for Azalea [...]

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Upstate Business Journal – Equity and Debt Capital

https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/equity-and-debt-capital-the-2-basic-sources-of-capital-for-your-business/ A common challenge many business owners and entrepreneurs face is raising capital to support an expanding enterprise or selling a portion of their ownership interest to diversify their net worth. This process can be frustrating and time-consuming as entrepreneurs are more familiar with operating their businesses than with raising capital. Armed with the right [...]

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Azalea Capital Invests in The Muffin Mam Inc.

Azalea Capital is pleased to announce its recent investment in The Muffin Mam Inc., a leading manufacturer of baked goods, headquartered in Simpsonville, SC.  Muffin Mam produces crème cakes, muffins, pound cakes, brownies, and angel food cakes, that are sold across the U.S. and internationally through leading retail grocers and food service companies.  Mr. Dewey Armstrong, a [...]

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Pet Age: A Q&A with Ark Naturals President and CEO Michael Stoeckle

A Q&A with Ark Naturals President and CEO Michael Stoeckle   What attracted Azalea Capital to invest in Ark Naturals in November? First and foremost, the reputation of Ark Naturals in the industry is stellar. The product offerings and formulations are superior in quality and clearly make a significant difference in the lives of pets. The partnership [...]

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