Azalea Capital Invests in The Muffin Mam Inc.

Azalea Capital is pleased to announce its recent investment in The Muffin Mam Inc., a leading manufacturer of baked goods, headquartered in Simpsonville, SC.  Muffin Mam produces crème cakes, muffins, pound cakes, brownies, and angel food cakes, that are sold across the U.S. and internationally through leading retail grocers and food service companies.  Mr. Dewey Armstrong, a [...]

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Pet Age: A Q&A with Ark Naturals President and CEO Michael Stoeckle

A Q&A with Ark Naturals President and CEO Michael Stoeckle   What attracted Azalea Capital to invest in Ark Naturals in November? First and foremost, the reputation of Ark Naturals in the industry is stellar. The product offerings and formulations are superior in quality and clearly make a significant difference in the lives of pets. The partnership [...]

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Private Equity Info Interview #2 with Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace recently spoke with Andy Jones of Private Equity Info about challenges of the lower middle market and offered a glimpse into Azalea's investing approach.  To read a summary of their conversation, please visit Private Equity Info: Interview #2 with Azalea Capital's Ben Wallace.

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Axial: How A Middle Market PE Firm Made Its First Step into the Pet Industry

Published to: https://www.axial.net/forum/middle-market-pe-firm-make-first-step-pet-industry/ When Corporate Finance Associates (CFA), Jones Natural Chews’ financial advisor, first reached out to Azalea Capital in late 2015, partner Ben Wallace immediately knew this was an opportunity his fund would aggressively pursue. Jones Natural Chews is a six-generation family-owned business and a producer of natural bones, chews, and treats for dogs [...]

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Azalea Capital Invests in Ark Naturals

Azalea Capital is pleased to announce its recent investment in Ark Naturals (“Ark”), headquartered in Naples, FL.  Ark was founded in 1996 by Jay and Susan Weiss and was an early pioneer in the natural pet health category. Ark markets a full line of remedy, health and lifestyle products for dogs and cats under the [...]

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